Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An Actor's Christmas List

As graduation approaches, I become more and more aware of what I'm missing or lacking. Most of the time this is because of looks, the way my voice sounds, my sad eyes, or how I perpetually look classy even if I'm wasted at the cocktail party. But the one asset that I DON'T have, but I DO have control over is my PERSONAL POSSESSIONS!

Still, "stuff" can get expensive. Hooray, holidays! Time to ask my parents. Here's my actor shopping list:

  1. Lexicon of Shakespeare's Word (Schmidt editions one and two)
  2. Business Cards
  3. Business Card Holder
  4. New dress pants!
  5. Brown boots, for the love of all that is holy
  6. A nice black jacket
  7. A nice camera, but that's not desperate
  8. A trip to the Library Book Sale :D
  9. A mini tri-pod

And there you have it! All things that I need as an actress (okay, and as a human being) to get my career off to a good start. Hard to believe this is all happening so fast!!

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